Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 4 Meeting

Meeting Level 4 Integration

There is a lot here. And a lot of opportunity. Conventional politicians and media continue to expose themselves as frauds; belief in institutions is declining. Good timing for an alternative. However, I am confused about the clubhouse start. Where do these apprentices and A Team members come from? Are they existing? For instance, I have never experienced... [Read more...]

CEO The Parker Group

i am currently actively involved with an established Neothink Clubhouse in Raleigh,N.C. until I can locate other apprentices in the area and initiate a new A-team Neothink Clubhouse.As well,I participate in Jill Reed’s Neothink call about building the Twelve Visions Party with the objective of getting the Twelve Visions Party registered and on... [Read more...]

level 4 meeting

level 4 part 3 stuck with me the most. toward the end you were saying very slowly and precisely about reaching our child of the past, as I was listening to you and taking it all in, I felt very serene and relaxed and noticed I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt that my child of the past was truly listening to you. I am also very interested in selling... [Read more...]

My 4th level meeting thoughts ❣

Wow, Mark ❣ Exciting stuff for sure and a personal call to Action to your Apprentices❣ I would like to point out that the very first starting step for each of us begins with ourselves ❣ Our actions speak louder than words and are more believable to others that see and feel them ❣ Live what you believe and people will notice your actions and... [Read more...]

level four comments

Hello Mark, hello Loren! How wonderfully excited I’m feeling, thinking, intergrating, with what’s ahead!! I certainly am in tune with the concept of stimulating, not educating, for the challenges ahead, ofganizing the clubhouse, the A-team, for the introduction meetings! Definitely have to organize my thoughts! I’m happy to say I definitely... [Read more...]

lesson 4

Hi and thank you again for another great lesson. Im so excited for this opportunity even i dont know how i will manage to do this as im a shy guy in not that public speaker but after all i think it is a beautiful thing to bring the public into this knowledge. Im looking forward to bring this valuable information to the people who need it most. Thank... [Read more...]

I4 meeting

this is amazing the TVP & the marketing as mark explain I now understand the integration & why we are travelers this whole system is so great this is more then the FNE it is our future for us all, this is more then just exciting. ! ! ! I also was very nice @ the end when mark talk about the loss of his father FW, for I losses my father in 2013... [Read more...]

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