Friday, March 24, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 4 Meeting

Level 4 Integration

After reviewing level 4, and meditation, I know I am heading in the right Direction. Turn my house into  year round Greenhouse for herbs Veggies, flowers, for health and wellness with a Meditation Path and area. Been Thinking of doing that for 20 years.I posted My thoughts on the matter on Peoplepedia Earlier this week. More to follow after Financial... [Read more...]

Excited to learn more

I am now caught up with the level 4 meeting, personally I am very excited for the opportunities with both the clubhouse and political movement. Can not wait to dig in deep and fulfill my part;)! I have been progressing through your self leader system at work and applying it to my work quality, productivity, fixing issues on different profiles! I am... [Read more...]


I am very interested to see where we can go with our local clubhouses, we have a long way to go with it. Maybe someday i can open up my own as well.  Read More →

level 4

I am enjoying the way the level four meeting shows , that we are going to be bringing others into the society of secrets, as a large part of our NT experience. Also I now know of planning which is already outlined , and consists of introduction meetings; establishing clubhouses; and a “grass roots political movement”. I think level 4 covers... [Read more...]


This meeting was very informative about the direction of the society. I’m interested in learning more about the clubhouse opportunity and look forward to level 5.  Read More →


Hello Mr. Hamilton: Once again, I want to thank you kindly. I really appreciate all you are doing for me, and others in your program. I want to get to your clubhouse level formulation. I am already doing so much what you are teaching, for some years now. It is amazing how close your guidelines are to what I am currently involved in. I am a motivational... [Read more...]


Hi Everyone, Ok, here’s where it gets a little greasy for me. (As in hard to control) Because as I love people, I mean I really Love people and probably care to much sometimes. But sometimes, I just don’t like people. Here I am, strolling along on my path to greatness, and the minute I try to explain what I’m doing to people they start... [Read more...]

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