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December 3, 2011 by MikeHoffman  
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God/zon. zon/God. What’s the difference? They’re both sitting at the edge or the universe (Or as is now beleived the multi-verse. Which I find very complimentary to Dr. Wallace’s writings.) creating. The difference is in your perception. God, a Plato supreme being that exists only in our minds that always was and always will be who will provide a better after-life. Zon, an Aristotlian vision of man, that exists in the flesh, that is acheivable and will provide a better life in the here and now. It make take many many years or millenium for our civilization to acheive this feat, but Dr. Wallace’s writing make it seem possible. Doing away with the anti-civilization will make that possibility become known all the sooner.

In my way of interpreting Dr. Wallace – If you believe existence exists then God is Zon and Zon is God. We all have the ability to acheive this highest of places. Let there be light -See the truth, the reality. Become one with God – God is within us. He is our inner voice. We are God. God, as learned, is a concept. Zon, as learned, is man acheiving the highest pinnacle.

I, too, am struggling with my religious upbringing as relating to the Neothink teachings. Furthermore, I completely disagree with abortion. I believe, more strongly than ever, in the sanctity of life after reading the Neothink literature and will not continue to try to clap hands with one hand on abortion.

All in all I have found the Neothink teachings to be extremely enlightening, exhilerating and stimulating for me.

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